Ayurveda, an age old way of life, is an ancient system of medicine that operates in tune with nature. It is a holistic and natural healing technique that believes in treating individual rather than the disease. Based entirely on the premise that individual is but microcosm of the microcosm, the universe, it follows that a complete understanding of not only the mind, body and spirit are in the order but a study of the psychological, dietary, behavioral life style an environmental factors is equally important before any formal treatment can be offered to the individual. The fact that the Ayurveda has no unpleasant side effect definitely helps in the final synthesis.

Rucha Pharmaceuticals Private Limited (RPPL) is one of the most authenticated Ayurvedic pharmaceutical company manufacturing and supplying products for haircare, bodycare, skincare, sex power, memory & herbal beauty products. It was established in 1989 to satiate the need of genuine herbal products and herbs.

Dr. Nitaben Goswami, the founder, being a multifaceted personality & Many award winner for "BEST RESEARCH" products and best result & Treated more than one lacks patients for hair disease and skin beauty, started it as a small unit of Ayurvedic medicines in Bardolpura area of Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India). By the year 1990 that small unit transformed into a Private Limited Company.

Dr. Nitaben Goswami has also won an international award for excellence in medicine for ayurvedic which is being awarded by UNO and have been recommended by 10 NGOs of UK, USA, Milan, India etc.

Ours is a fully developed company with all the modern-day production equipments and manpower. Here the quality control people check the products from the raw-material stuffs to the final packages.

RPPL has always been increasing its production in quantity and variety, now the company produces more than 85 varieties. The 40 years experienced hands of Dr. Nita Goswami formulate the products. Their efficacy is beyond doubt. They are well accepted and widely consumed by the people.

Now it extensively concentrates on effective beauty enhancing products & ayurvedic cosmetics.

RPPL manufactures a wide range of herbal products catering to the various ailments. The main areas of emphasis are Hair Care, Skin Care, Body Care, Sexual Power, Memory & Herbal Beauty Products.

Our ayurvedic fomulations finds wide usage in treatment of Hair Disorders, Pimples, Dark Under Eye Circles, Hairiness, Obesity, Loss of Memory, Under Weight, Shorter Height and various other Beauty Disorders.

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